What are Dynamic Pages in websites

Dynamic Web Pages

Dynamic pages are those that are generated by a web server on the fly, in response to a request from a browser. That means the HTML code for the page isn’t pre-generated, as it is with most static pages. The code is created according to the user’s specific parameters, such as the search results shown … Read more

What is TensorFlow


TensorFlow is an open-source software library for data analysis and machine learning. It was originally developed by researchers and engineers at Google. TensorFlow provides an easy-to-use, general-purpose platform for data analysis and machine learning. It enables developers to build sophisticated models and deploy them on CPUs or GPUs, across a variety of platforms. How Does … Read more

How Data Science used & helps in todays world

Data Science used & helps in todays world

Data science is a branch of computer science that is responsible for creating algorithm, process information, data modeling and extract data from raw material. There are different fields of data modeling. These are machine learning, data visualization, data extraction, statistical analysis and data transformation. As data science is a large field so data scientist should … Read more

Why is Python important for Finance complete Tutorial

Python important for Finance

Did you know that Python is used not only for web content but also for finance? Python is a programming language mainly used to create web content, but it also serves many other platforms. Finance is one of them. In finance, its main focus is on quantitative solutions. It can analyze a large amount of … Read more

When Linear Regression is used in Machine Learning

Linear Regression is used

Linear regression analysis is a analytical process for predicting the value of one variable based on the value of another. The dependent variable is the variable you want to forecast. The independent variable is the one you’re using to forecast the value of the other variable. This type of analysis involves one or more independent … Read more

NumPy in Python and Use of Python Libraries

NumPy in Python

NumPy stands for Numerical Python. It is a python package, actually a library that consists of objects of multidimensional arrays and a bunch of routines or functions that would help process those arrays. NumPy is used to perform mathematical and logical operation on these arrays. The creation of NumPy was followed by an ancestral package … Read more

How loops work in C and in other Languages

loops work in C

A loop is a set of instructions that is often accomplished until a particular demand is met. Typically, a process is carried out, such as obtaining and altering data, and then a condition is confirmed, such as whether a counter has reached a predetermined. A loop is a set of instructions that is often accomplished … Read more

How Powershell Commands Run and Works.

Powershell Commands

PowerShell is a task computerization system compromising a command-line shell, scripting language, and composition management strategy that operates across platforms.  PowerShell is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It was originally the only part of Windows PowerShell called Windows PowerShell, but with the launch of PowerShell Core on August 18, 2016, it became an … Read more

10 things to do Learn HTML and CSS for the early Beginners

Learn HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS made the web designing too much easier for the early beginners. HTML describes the basic architecture for web pages where the CSS defines the color schemes and styles for the web pages. First of all you have to learn both languages and then you will enhance your skills by practicing your knowledge … Read more